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General Information - dtsnonprofit@duwamishtribe.org

duwamish longhouse and cultural center staff

Tribal Chairwoman - Cecile Hansen - Cecile@duwamishtribe.org

Tribal Secretary - Cindy Williams - Cindy@duwamishtribe.org

Longhouse and Cultural Center Director- Jolene Haas- jolenehaas@duwamishtribe.org

Longhouse Operations Manager- Katie King- katieking@duwamishtribe.org

Administrative Assistant- Vanessa Molano- adminassist@duwamishtribe.org

additional Contact information

Accounting, Grants, Contracts and Payment Information- accounting@duwamishtribe.org

Longhouse Rental Space & Museum/Educational Tour Information - katieking@duwamishtribe.org

Collections and Object Donation Information- katieking@duwamishtribe.org

Tribal Business, Tribal Membership, Emergency Food Vouchers- cindy@duwamishtribe.org

Duwamish Tribal Services - 501c3 Nonprofit Board Contact - dtsnonprofit@duwamishtribe.org

Gift Shop Inquiries and General Questions- dtsnonprofit@duwamishtribe.org

Tech Support - tech@duwamishtribe.org

*For membership application materials, please contact our Tribal Secretary by emailing cindy@duwamishtribe.org


Tuesday    10AM–5PM
Wednesday    10AM–5PM
Thursday    10AM–5PM
Friday    10AM–5PM
Saturday    10AM–5PM
Sunday    Closed
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