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Learn more about the Duwamish Tribe

federal recognition

Status Report for the Duwamish Tribe Federal Recognition Case

scholarly essays and CURRICULUM

Micheal D. Roe, Ph.D: Duwamish Indian Modern Community

Expeditionary Learning Outward Bound New Teachers Institute: Found Poems Anthology

Sidebar: Indian, Native American or First People?

Rick Moulden: Washington State Curriculum: Letters From an American Princess; Princess Angeline’s Letters

Ethan Jones: The Duwamish Struggle

John Moses et al.: A Selection of Collected Stories and Teachings From the Files of Lynn Larson

news Articles

WestsideSeattle: Singing-Feet, Duwamish tribe's culture performance group receives Mayor's Arts Award

Crosscut: Seattle School Board Adopts New History Curriculum

Indian Country Media Network: 10 Things You Should Know About the Duwamish Tribe

The Seattle Met 2009: The Tribe That Would Not Die

Enthnology: Political Organization of the Duwamish by Dr. Kenneth D. Tollefson

Cascadia Magazine: Chief Seattle and the Town that Took his Name: book review

The Seattle Times: New Biography of Chief Seattle

All About South Park: A Closer Look at the Duwamish Tribe

My Northwest: Why Won’t Seattle Mayor Durkin Meet with the Duwamish Tribe?

History Link: Seattle’s Duwamish Tribe Celebrates New Longhouse and Cultural Center

Real Change News: Duwamish Tribe Continues 160-Year Fight for Federal Recognition

Footprints/ Southwest Seattle Historical Society-Pg. 4: Our Historical Society and the Duwamish People

Government Officials have lied to the Duwamish people for over a century. It’s time for it to end. August 14, 2013.CLICK HERE

Small tribes get locked out in Indian casino wars; by Rob Hotakainen, McCatchy Newspapers,July 2012.CLICK HERE


David M. Buerge: Chief Seattle and the Town That Took His Name: The Change of Worlds for the Native People and Settlers on Puget Sound

Tom Reese et. al: The Once and Future River

Cole Thrush et. al: Native Seattle: Histories of the Cross-Over Place


Princess Angeline [Short documentary]

Promised Land [Feature documentary]

Duwamish Life: Displacement [Interview with Dr. Kenneth D. Tollefson]

Chief Seattle [Documentary]

health and wellness research

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women- Urban Indian Health Institute Study

National Council of Urban Indian Health Policy and Legislation Information

Patterns of Physical Activity Among Indigenous Children

Overweight and Obesity Among North American Indian Infants, Children, and Youth

Promoting Physical Activity Among Native American Youth

Urban Diabetes Care and Outcomes Summary Report

Leading Causes of Death Among Urban American Indians and Alaska Natives

Urban Diabetes Care and Outcomes Summary Report

Tuberculosis and Diabetes Control Among American Indian and Alaska Native Patients

Health Disparities in Urban Indian Health Institute Service Areas 

Health resource information sponsored by the US National Library of Medicine

Health resource information sponsored by the US National Library of Medicine

Duwamish youth digital stories

duwamish education videos