The close of this year marks the tenth anniversary since the Duwamish Longhouse and Cultural Center opened in 2009. A significant milestone from our research includes a conservative estimate of more than 50,000 guest visitors since 2016. Our investigation continues to track even further so we can get a real total guest visitor count since 2009, and to document our contributions to public benefits.

Thus, in 2017, management launched a "New Directions Planning Initiative" designed to fill the gaps in our service delivery system and more. A primary goal is to strengthen our relationships with community organizations and with the groups interested in community development in the Duwamish Valley, South West Seattle, and Georgetown.

Duwamish Longhouse Pedestrian Safety and Accessibility project

The Duwamish Longhouse on West Marginal Way SW at SW Alaska Street has limited parking and no transit service. Many people coming to events park across the street and railroad track in the lots at Herring’s House Park and T-107 Park (T!ula’ltu). Other people come by bike using the Duwamish Trail from West Seattle or South Park. The approach from these locations is not safe, comfortable, or ADA accessible. Our goal is to add a sidewalk on the west side of the street from SW Alaska to SW Idaho street and a marked crosswalk with warning signs and pedestian-activated signal or flashing beacons to make a significant safety and accessibility improvement for people arriving by car, bike, or on foot to the Longhouse.

safety and accessibility project documents

Neighborhood Street Fund Application

Metro and SDOT Presentation by the Duawmish Longhouse

duwamish Longhouse near car accident footage

The video below shows security footage from outside of the Duwamish Longhouse and Cultural Center demonstrating the unsafe traffic conditions on West Marginal Way SW and SW Alaska Street.