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Membership of the Duwamish Tribe is based on descendancy only not blood quantum.  There are presently 572 tribal members mostly living in the State of Washington.  A application for membership can be obtained by calling the tribal office.  Your application after submittal will be held in a pending file for adoption at the upcoming year's annual meeting (usually held in late May or early June).  You MUST be present at this meeting for adoption into the tribe.  The exception being that you submit a letter of hardship ie. lack of transportation, illness or great distance etc. prior to the date of the annual meeting.  Dues are due and payable every year in January and are $10 per adult 18 and over and $2 for minors 17 and younger.  


The Duwamish subcontract with STOWW (Small Tribes of Western Washington) for an Emergency Food Assistance Program under the Department of Community, Trade and Economic Development.   Tribal food vouchers range anywhere from $25 top $55 depending on family size and income (poverty guidelines by percentages apply).  Please contact the tribal office for a food application if you are in need of food for your family.  The vouchers are usable at all participating Safeway Stores. 


The Duwamish Tribe with the direction of Cecile Hansen, Chairperson, formed the Duwamish Language and Dance Group (tyleebshudub) or "singing feet".  Zeke (Uswahli) Zahir is the scholared linquist and teacher instructing the dance group.  There are approximately (10) duwamish youth who participate on a monthly basis.  They are learning traditional Lushootseed language through song and dance and have been invited to perform at many forums including cultural events, festivals, for state and city officials and for other Native tribes and events.  All are welcome to participate.  Practice for the group is conducted on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month at the tribal office on West Marginal Way at 10am usually until around Noon.  Please call to confirm practice dates and times ahead of time. In the summer months, we have claimed a shady spot close to the Duwamish River across the street from the tribal office at T-107 Park.