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Calendar of Events

We will be adding live performances, storytelling, speakers and more throughout the year.
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Gift Shop & Gallery Sales--Longhouse Art Gallery Exhibition.
Art Opening: Storytelling, Videos, Spoken Word, & Visual Art by Gen7 Native Youth Summer Intern Program. Opening Program: Sat., August 30, 2014, 5-8pm. Free RSVP tickets at 10 young artists share art work & presentations created under the mentorship of 4 Native American artists (Tiffany Midge, creative writing; Roger Fernandes, storytelling & art; Angelo Baca & Dallas Pinkham, Videography).

Art Exhibit: 2-week exhibit of artwork and videos continues in the Duwamish Art Gallery. Continuing exhibit will also feature works by master artist Roger Fernandes (Lower Elwha S'Klallam).

Aug.30th to Sept. 13th

Duwamish Art Gallery is open Mon-Sat from 10-5.

Special Events-Family Friendly

May 9, 2015 1-3PM

Katherine Arquette: Native Kaleidoscope Collection--Opening Reception & Artist Talk.

Coastal Salish art conveying stories of connection & transformation. Artist Talk at 1pm. Exhibit continues thru June in Duwamish Longhouse Art Gallery.

Katherine Arquette is an enrolled member of the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe and a decent of the Duwamish Tribe-- a Great Grand daughter of Julia Siddle whose baskets reside at the Burke Museum.

Working with natural resources and repurposed materials to create complex multi-dimensional pieces, Katherine refers to her art as “organic.” It’s contemporary while retaining traditions inspired by her Elders. Incorporating stories in her art making--each piece conveys a spirit of connection and transformation relating to a feeling or place. She has a B.A. degree in Arts and Literature.

Doors open at Noon & close at 5pm.
Artist Talk at 1pm. Free Admission
Art Exhibit: May 9, 2015 to June 30, 2015. Mon-Sat, 10-5.

May 16, 2015 1-4PM

Contemporary and Traditional Native Fine Arts of the Future: Featuring John Romero

Contemporary and Traditional Native Fine Arts of the Future: Featuring John Romero (Eastern Shoshone).

1-day show. With guest artist, Noelani Aure (Nooksack). Meet the artists. Free admission & parking.

JOHN ROMERO (Eastern Shoshone)

John has been creating different types of media since his very early years while living and growing up on the Wind River Reservation in Ft. Washakie Wyoming.

"Although I mostly paint images of the Plains and Southwest, I have been introduced to a whole new life force in the Northwest and enjoy the various water creatures and The Great Journey of the Coastal Clans and Family's".

"We are made aware Dailey of many Teachings and it is up to us to choose the path of our Life".


Noelani Aure comes from the Nooksack and Shxwha:y Village Coast Salish Nations. She is an educator with Bachelor of Arts Degree from the UW.

Her art depicts the deep love and respect she has for her family, people, land and culture. Her paintings merge traditional coastal forms, natural northwest landscapes, and modern influences. Her work speaks to social injustices that affect, not only her communities, but many Native Peoples

Free tickets:


May 17, 2015 12-4PM

Duwamish Native Foods—Now & Then—NW Native Botanical Gardens

Free program sharing the cultural & food traditions of Chief Seattle's Duwamish Tribe.

Doors open 12pm. Cultural Program 1-2pm. Guest Speaker on Native Gardens. Shared Meal 3-4pm.

Free tickets at:

NW Native Botanical Gardens. With the loss of native habitat, an excellent way to learn about native plants is at the many Native Botanical Gardens throughout King, Snohomish and Pierce County.

Guest Speaker: Pamela Bond-Coello (Snohomish Tribe). Pam is an active Edmonds Community College Alumni. She is a contributor to the development of the Cultural Kitchen an active learning space in the Campus Community Farm designed to highlight the connection between people and food. She also helped the LEAF School create the Ethnobotanical Garden, called “Stloja Ali,” or “Place of Medicine,” at Gold Park.

The Duwamish Native Food Program is sponsored by the DUWAMISH RIVER OPPORTUNITY FUND (DROF): Seattle Department of Neighborhoods & 4Culture. Bi-monthly program, 2nd & 4th Sundays, June-July.


May 23, 2015 1-3PM

Academic Elders: New books by Ken Tollefson and Vi Hilbert, with Jay Miller & Lois Dodson

A lively panel featuring Dr. Tollefson, anthropologist for the Duwamish Tribe. The Journal of NW Anthropology recently honored Dr. Tollefson with the publication of a memoir—a collection of his work on the Duwamish, Snoqualmie and Tlingit. Joining in is Dr. Miller, JONA’s previous honoree and Lois Dodson, the daughter of Vi Hilbert (1918-2008) founder of Lushootseed Research and Press. Book signing. Free event.

Free tickets at:


Dr. Kenneth Tollefson, professor emeritus of Anthropology at SPU, has devoted four decades of his life to documenting the history and living culture of Duwamish people.

Tribal Trio of the Northwest Coast (Memoir, Journal of Northwest Anthropology) Paperback – February 6, 2015--$14.95 by Kenneth D. Tollefson (Author), Jay Miller (Editor), Darby C. Stapp (Editor)
This Memoir is the life-long collection of work from anthropologist Kenneth D. Tollefson, who came to the Pacific Northwest in 1965 to teach at Seattle Pacific University. Over the years, Dr. Tollefson found time to assist several Pacific Northwest tribes in their struggles to perpetuate and retain tribal autonomy. In this Memoir, Dr. Tollefson presents his work with three Northwest groups; the Tlingit on the coast of present-day Alaska; the Snoqualmie, who live on the western slope of the Cascades east of Seattle; and the Duwamish, who live at and near Seattle on the western shores of Puget Sound in the south Salish Sea.


Jay Miller, Ph.D., author of Lushootseed Culture and the Shamanic Odyssey among other books, specializes in linguistics and coastal Salish people.

Rescues, Rants, and Researches: A Review of Jay Miller's Writings on Northwest Indien Cultures (Journal of Northwest Anthropology) (Volume 47) Paperback – January 30, 2014--$12.00 by Jay Miller (Author), Darby C. Stapp (Editor), Kara N. Powers (Editor)

Jay Miller is an anthropologist in the old-school Americanist tradition, rescuing, researching, sharing, and writing about cultural contexts, archaeology, history, beliefs, kinship, lifeways, and languages of indigenous peoples across North America. For over four decades, Jay has been especially prolific in the Pacific Northwest, where his record of publication includes several books, over 40 articles in professional journals, and numerous other contributions in smaller publications. Many of these publications represent original research, while others present lost research of forefathers and foremothers found in the depths of university archives, attics, basements, and professional files. Augmenting these works is commentary on method, theory, practice, and politics. Collectively his body of work provides a major contribution to Northwest Anthropology. To make available the vast amount of information and knowledge found in the writings of Jay Miller, a re-view of twenty-five articles has been assembled—a dozen from the pages of the Journal of Northwest Anthropology (and its predecessor Northwest Anthropological Research Notes) along with thirteen new titles. The memoir is divided into seven major parts: Native Worlds, Kinship and Society, Biographies, Food Factors, and Knowledge Quest, Summing Up, and Appendixes, along with references cited and an index.


Daughter of Upper Skagit elder, Vi Hilbert (1918-2008). Vi Hilbert founded the non-profit, Lushootseed Research, which is dedicated to sustaining Lushootseed language and culture to enhance cross-cultural knowledge, wisdom and relations, as shared and celebrated by the First Peoples of Puget Sound, through research, recording, publishing and the presentation of oral traditions and literature. Lois continues to research the language.

Elders Dialog: Ed Davis & Vi Hilbert Discuss Native Puget Sound Paperback – Large Print, March 10, 2014 by Jay Miller PhD (Author)

Two esteemed Elders speaking Lushootseed and English discuss a range of topics dealing with family, events, language, ritual, and heritage near Seattle and around Native Puget Sound.



May 31, 2015 1-3PM

Duwamish Native Foods—Now & Then—NW Native Garden of Eden

Free program sharing the cultural & food traditions of Chief Seattle's Duwamish Tribe. Doors open 12pm. Cultural Program 1-3pm. Guest Speaker: Ken Workman, 4th generation grandson of Chief Seattle. Shared Meal 3-4pm.

NW Garden of Eden. The Duwamish tradition calendar is tied to the abundant resources that are available at different times throughout the year. The months are often named after the most abundant resources available at that time. The concepts of seasonality and sustainability are part of this traditional system.

Guest Speaker: Ken Workman is a great-great-great-great grandson of Chief Seattle. He is on the Duwamish Tribal Council and a member of the Duwamish Canoe Family. Ken works to preserve the traditional language—Lushootseed. He will share the Duwamish months in both English and Lushootseed.

The Duwamish Native Food Program is sponsored by the DUWAMISH RIVER OPPORTUNITY FUND (DROF): Seattle Department of Neighborhoods & 4Culture. Bi-monthly program, 2nd & 4th Sundays, June-July.




May 23, 2015 7-9PM

Comedian Chad Charlie Live at the Duwamish Longhouse

Native American Comedian & Poet. Chad Charlie hails from the native village of Ahousat, BC. He will have you in tears of laughter with his struggles moving from the reservation to Seattle. The next moment, he will have you contemplating native issues through his powerful poetry. Young and fresh--his words resonate. Surprise guests.

Chad has appeared at events across the country including the world famous Laugh Factory in Hollywood.

Audience: Adult 18+. Free parking in area.



June 20, 2015 4-8PM

Annual Duwamish Tribe Gala Dinner & Art Auction

                        "We are Still here!"

YOU ARE INVITED to join Duwamish Tribal Services for its 9th Annual Gala Dinner & Art Auction. This annual event is a celebration of contemporary and traditional culture of Seattle's First People, Chief Seattle's Duwamish Tribe. Your gifts will help maintain operations at the Duwamish Longhouse & Cultural Center and provide tribal services. We thank you for recognizing the significant role that Seattle's First People play in the diversity and cultural richness of our community. Your support makes a difference! "We raise our hands to you!"

RSVP by credit card at:

Tickets also available at the Tribal Office. Contact Cindy Williams at 206-431-1582 or by mail.

Doors open at 4:00 pm at the Duwamish Longhouse & Cultural Center.

Ticket 1: $30 Reception & Silent Auction Only
Reception starts at 4:30 pm. Wine, beer & appetizers will be served.

Silent auction continues from 4:30-5:45 pm.

Ticket 2: $100 Full Event, Reception/Silent Auction and Buffet Dinner/Live Auction 4:30-8:00.

After enjoying the Reception & Silent Auction, at 6:00 pm guests will gather in the "longhouse room" for a brief traditional program and traditional buffet-style dinner. Guest will enjoy a spirited live auction of art by Northwest artists.

Ticket 3: $150 Individual Sponsor, Full Event (plus special recognition at the event). 4:30-8:00 pm.

Ticket 4: $800 Table for Eight, Full Event. 4:30-8:00 pm.

Ticket 5: $90 Early Bird Ticket, Full Event. Purchase by May 20, 2015. 4:30-8:00pm

Note: Free Courtesy Shuttle and parking available at Seattle Parks Maintenance Facility at 4209 W. Marginal Way SW, Seattle, WA 98106

Duwamish Tribal Services is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit and donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.



Other Yearly Events

Jun 20, 2015 4-8:30PM

Annual Fundraiser and Auction

Event Support Volunteers are Needed



Image is provided under the terms of a licensing agreement.  All other right reserved to the Museum of History & Industry.  Negative # 67.2    File #shs67.2 Duwamish Extended Family Reunions The Duwamish Tribe is making the Longhouse available to its members this year for extended family reunions at no cost. Families are responsible for invitations, set-up and clean-up, food and supplies. The Tribal Enrollment Officer will be available to update memberships. To volunteer to coordinate a family reunion, call 206.431.1582. Family reunions will be listed on the tribal website. Subject to availability --weekdays or Sundays only, no Saturdays.

Heritage Classes


Tilibsdeb “Singing Feet” Duwamish heritage group

Contact Cindy Williams for practice dates.



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