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Calendar of Events

We will be adding live performances, storytelling, speakers and more throughout the year.
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Special Events-Family Friendly

February 18, 2017, 10am to 3pm

WHAT: Native Plants in the Duwamish River Ecosystem

WHEN: Saturday, Feb. 18, 2017, 10am to 3pm. Free

WHERE: Duwamish Longhouse & Cultural Center, 4705 W Marginal Way SW, Seattle, WA 98106, 206-431-1582

Free fun day exploring the relationship between Duwamish culture and native habitat restoration in the Duwamish River ecosystem. Talks, demo, food and useful tips. Stay all day or drop-in.

Free activities. 10am-Restoring Native Habitats; 11:30am-Lunch provided; .12pm-Basket Making Demo; 1:15pm-Restoring the Duwamish River Ecosystem; 2pm-Habitat Restoration in your own Backyard; 2:45 Volunteer Programs & Training Info.


“Native Plants in the Duwamish River Ecosystem” is a free public outreach event of the Duwamish Longhouse Urban Reforestation Project sponsored by a King Conservation District grant.

Get engaged. The day focuses on the environmental health of Seattle’s only River, the Duwamish River, and the role of habitat restoration in sustaining it. The Duwamish River Clean-up Coalition will be providing an overview.

The Duwamish Tribe and Seattle Parks will be sharing the challenges and benefits of their reforestation projects on West Seattle steep slopes above the Duwamish River. Seattle Native Plant Nursery will be providing resource information you can use in your own backyard.
Seattle Parks will be providing information on its volunteer programs and training. A Duwamish member will discuss the cultural use of native plants in textile-making. Lunch will be provided.
The Duwamish Tribe, Seattle Parks and other community partners are all working to restore native habitats that preserve the Duwamish cultural landscape for all to explore. The Duwamish Tribe is still here and provides a deeper understanding of the indigenous land we all share and the bounty that awaits us as traditional habitats are restored.

Regard the Duwamish Urban Reforestation Project, invasive plants have been removed and native plants reintroduced. One of them, the Western Red Cedar has been used by our people to make baskets, weave hats and traditional clothing. Duwamish tribal member, DeAnn Sackman Jacobson, will talk about how our ancestors harvested bark and other materials to make baskets and garments. She will demonstrate the process of preparing and weaving the bark.


10-10:30 Opening. Duwamish Reforestation Project update. Presenter: Nancy Sackman (Duwamish Tribe).

10:30-11:30 Restoring Native Habitats--Steep Slope Planting in West Seattle. Insights into the native habitat restoration of Seattle’s unique green spaces--cedars, cattails and more.

Presenters: Seattle Parks and Steve Richmond of Garden Cycle.
Garden Cycles:
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11:30-12:00--Brunch (soup, fruit, cookies, coffee/tea)

12:00-1:15--Duwamish Basket & Mat Making Demonstration
Presenter: Deanne Jacobs (Duwamish Tribe).

1:15 2:00--Restoring the Duwamish River—improving environmental and community health through habitat restoration.
A place of historical, cultural and ecological significance for the Duwamish Tribe, it is now a river for all.
Presenter: James Rasmussen (Duwamish), Coordinator, Duwamish River Clean-up Coalition.

2:00 2:45 Native Habitat Restoration in Your own Backyard. Useful resources.
Presenter: Seattle Native Plants Nursery, Mark Tomkiewicz.

2:45 3:00 Volunteer Programs—Seattle Parks & Recreation.
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Duwamish Reforestation Project

This year, the Duwamish Longhouse is reforesting the hillside behind the Longhouse and Seattle Park’s Department is restoring 40 acres in the West Seattle Green Belt. Duwamish activities are funded in part by a grant from the King County Conservation District.

Our project's objectives are:

• to restore the Longhouse's property's ecosystem by providing a place to sustain native food and medicine, habitat and wildlife in relation to the Duwamish culture,

• to engage the public and raise educational awareness of the Duwamish native culture and its relationship to the restored ecosystem, and

• to work with community partners to increase public awareness of urban reforestation stewardship.

Duwamish Longhouse & Cultural Center
4705 W Marginal Way SW
Seattle, WA 98106





Other Yearly Events

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Image is provided under the terms of a licensing agreement.  All other right reserved to the Museum of History & Industry.  Negative # 67.2    File #shs67.2 Duwamish Extended Family Reunions The Duwamish Tribe is making the Longhouse available to its members this year for extended family reunions at no cost. Families are responsible for invitations, set-up and clean-up, food and supplies. The Tribal Enrollment Officer will be available to update memberships. To volunteer to coordinate a family reunion, call 206.431.1582. Family reunions will be listed on the tribal website. Subject to availability --weekdays or Sundays only, no Saturdays.

Heritage Classes


Tilibsdeb “Singing Feet” Duwamish heritage group

Contact Cindy Williams for practice dates.


 Where: Duwamish Longhouse and Cultural Center

4705 W. Marginal Way SW
Seattle, WA 98106

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